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Lil Dicky - Xxl Freshman Freestyle Lil Dicky MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

i'm too nice
like a lil youngin that fell in love with a boo twice
as in double as f-ckable as he was
and dude tries to be subtle and get her cuddling
venting her troubles and getting her truffles
and ending up befuddled when she don't f-ck him
and someone tell him, “listen, you buggin'
she never f-cking a pedestrian muggle like you
so why all the trouble?”, but he reb-ttal with
“i think i just love her so i would shudder at the thought of being anything other than nice”
heat bang like i caught a body
it wasn't even deep dang, sh-t it's all a hobby
it's too bad b-tches sleeping on me, threesome
cause everybody want to help but he don't need none
i'm all time like the wall at the bank
you no shot like you drawing a blank
honestly you probably couldn't hang man
i been drawing it blank
giving you lines while you sitting there and drawing a blank
so go on and rank
chillin' like it's dough in the bank
flowing danker than a grower in napa
growing the stankest cannabis
go on, rapping poet, smacking the hoe-st rappers
who showing the total package
like my flaccid is growing fat as samoan cracker
rapper, i'm about to keep going
yeah the rapping's a wrap
i know you rappers napping don't know it
this a dagger, the pitter patter tapping on the window
is a real accurate metaphor of what you have in the store
and i be snapping
the splashing on the pane be your rain
falling quicker than aladdin for his dame
oh you better than me?
i'm not one for f-ck sh-t

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