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Lil Dicky - Bet Backroom Freestyle MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1: lil d-cky]
okay i'm buzzing cause i'm eloquent
where i'm coming from is hyper-relevant
cause i ain't seen a ton of us who prevalent
it's nothing but an impediment
i'm yelling “let 'em in” despite the fact my resume
suggest above a president
i'm fresher than a peppermint
actually i'm pretty underwhelming
when it comes to fashion and things
try to focus on the rap, not distracted by things
probably while when i get on the track i'm lapping the kings
having a blings not a prio
vile like a chubby youngin' who stumbled and wandered suddenly up into the snack aisle
other words indecision was imminent
rhythm and penmanship had me thinking “be eminem-ish”
my predicament would lie with my ambition of joke
i'm funny like your favorite comedy when you smoke
so, came to mind i should probably combine em
bring a lil ld larry david to rhymin'
in my surprise
a lot of guys
are quick to categorize
that as a gimmick
like i'm spittin'
like a kid who compromising
what is to better fit in
with the rest of the guys whose spittin'
contradicting with d-cky been about from the beginning
but, i digress it's just a lot to attack
first of all it's really funny how the rest of you rap
if i mumble something dumb about me running the trap
then i'd be another young redundancy who muttering cr-p
that'd be hard to defend like i'm playing with five
only when i'm mini-golfing is when i'm playing with lies
that would be another foul right?
but i don't reach ref
i like to keep you all abreast
i don't mean chest
if i don't seem stressed
baby i'm not
lil david be hot
they bout to put my name on a yacht
but, someone tell me how to judge an mc
probably think i'm really rapping
if it's lady's i freak
mercedes i lease
the laziest weak
debatably chic
creatively fleek
basic as tea but sorta
i threw the spanish in to add swag
but, the way i'm starting to rap with these other tricks
it's like i'm their half dad
and i ain't mad at you no offense
but if you cold bro i know must be snowing pens
cause if you call homie everybody goin' in
how bout you holla back when you rapping
i'll probably be napping
or having a snack in the backroom
this is a feast
way i'm rising on these rappers like i'm made up of yeast
way i'm sizing up these actors i should hand you a cleat
you goin' in a couple brother and ballin' the scene mean
i don't play with you dog
wanna muscle with the flow get a spotter involved
you couldn't see me in the post if you blogging my songs
couldn't see me with the cloak harry potter put on
couldn't see me like a ghost doin' nothin' at all
i'm taking over and they mad
father in law ahh
i'm the best you never heard about
keep it real
i don't k!ll, but i murder doubt
it's been a year and i'm here
that's a turn around
second guess my name, never question what the nerd about
i'm david burd i'm out
lil d-cky for word of mouth purposes

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