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Labrinth - Same Team MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1: labrinth]
hey, i'm an original
just a b.b king singin' my blues
ain't nothing traditional
but i won't think twice to say that i do
now i don't know what today is
don't care much for tomorrow
got my bag and a big dream
i don't know which way is
left, right, up, or shallow
but i hope you're on the same team
as me

[chorus: labrinth]
baby, as me (o-oh-hmm-hmm-o-oh)
as me (o-oh-hmm-hmm-o-oh)
as me (o-oh-hmm-hmm-o-oh)

[verse 2: stefflon don]
i can make it right, i can make it right
if you give me love i'm a give it to you all night
never let me go, never let me go
i'm a hold you down, i'm a hold you down
cause i got you
whatever it is, whatever the cost, whatever you want
i'm with you
whatever you like, whatever you choose
i'm that thing that you take when you in pain (pain)
i'm that thought that may never leave your brain (brain)
i, i ain't looking for a better way
i, i want to stay for seventy day
i know you got a heart full of pain but
just know i got a heart full of shame
i would do the crime, spend the time with you
ride or die, 'cause we in the same crew

[chorus: labrinth & stefflon don]
baby, as me (o-oh-hmm-hmm-o-oh, oh my)
as me (o-oh-hmm-hmm-o-oh, oh my)
as me (o-oh-hmm-hmm-o-oh, my tears)

[bridge: labrinth]
funny we're playing love's equal side
magpies for life

[outro: labrinth]
can you feel it?
can you feel us?

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