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Kentheman - Try Me MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

aye, its ken the muhf~ckin man b~tch
yeah, aye

[verse v]
big bands for a walk through
front spot when i park too
and i don't like being tugged on so find another b~tch to talk to
real b~tches show love to me, hatin hoes wanna hug too
got n~ggas lookin they wanna f~ck, they b~tches really wanna f~ck too
aye, walk through b~tches face funny but i bet b~tches won't say nothing
broke b~tches got time on em that's why they always got they mind on me
i make money, you save money
yo rent money my play money
this my sh~t, that's bae money
ain't nun you hoes could say to me
thе ticket goin up
you hoes can't talk to me causе you ont make enough
see me i been gettin fine but the pockets gettin fluff
dese n~ggas gone act real but they snow on the bluff
i cannot make this up
i got a fetish, i like a n~gga wit paper
that sh~t be makin me wet
i am forreal ima f~ck on em in private then after that ima jet
n~ggas gone talk, n~ggas gone make up a lie
n~ggas gone put you in mess but when he a boss
he don't be getting in gossip he just gone get you the check
b~tches is foul they gone call n~ggas they brother but really be f~ckin em all
b~tches is weak, they gone act friendly in person then be online tryna sneak
b~tches gone hate, i ain't even touchin a million, ain't even reachin my peak
they just be bitter cause it ain't them gettin on
cause it ain't them and it's me
went to the dealer, i got the benz i'm the owner
b~tches is late on they lease
b~tches is sleep
i be up late countin money, they in the bed countin sheep
put that on the hood, ain't n0body better than me
down to the side to the east, down to the west
down to the worst of the worst, up to the best of the best
these hoes know who i am , they actin like they don't
now that i'm up we fam
these hoes not my friends, say they is that's scam, not likely
they wanna be just like me but these hoes ain't sh~t like me
gave em a hand they bite me
gave em a try they tried me
cold ass b~tch i'm icy
hoes lookin mad they spicy
i think of myself so highly cause i don't just get paid friday
married to the money i'm wifey
step out, ooh slightly
and these n~ggas still gone like me
like me, like me, like me
don't get mad, get like me
and if you a mad b~tch fight me
want me to pull up? invite me
ooh, invite me
been waitin on a b~tch to try me
try me, try me, try me
(try me, try me, try me)
ooh try me, try me, try me, try me
(ain't none of these hoes gone try me)
it's ken b~tch

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