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Kendrick Lamar - Yung Boys World MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

god feel me
god feel me
ride low
feel me
feel me
weezy-f where you at?

[verse 1]
look, a straight up compton n-gga til im 6 feet
like iverson be
ride and die for mines
its just me
no side on mines
because i don't need n-ggas switching sides on mines
childhood friends become enemies
don't pay'em no mind
do your mind like they did kennedy's
closed casket
ghetto boys world where we make the murder bracket
high sh0r- taxes
high by the dead beat daddy's and the mama's who can smoke the rock the fastest
so he tote llamas middle finger to ya
i never f-ck hoes with no condom
not a high school graduate
hustlin is where his p-ssion is
hit the blunt then p-ssin it, hit the bottle then p-ssin it
hit the gas, hit the brake, hoppin out, blastin it
where da cash, where da safe?
a robbery's taking place
give it to him willingly; he's k!lling you anyway because it thrills him
you can almost see his adrenaline pumping
hey young world we are the children

it's a young boys world out here
we gotta dredge-it up and down these blocks you got to know
it's a young boys world out here

[verse 2]
i swear to god you gotta feel me
look..standin on the corner with crack rocks and marijuana
burner glue, dough and i'm duckin police
in california state penitentiary livin
feelin like the whole f-ckin world don't love him
so f-ck yall
keep thuggin til the casket drops
gangsta down to the socks
w-nkstas betta beware tryin to be what you not
just look at his position and the city he live in
bang the hood like a head on car collision
bang his tool like a mechanic up under the engine
knocking on they doors telling neighbors mind they business
cause 9s can finish off any eyewitness
don't call the lieutenant miss parker he meant it
i'm the author of these delinquents that got you timid
see to you he's a menace but to me these my n-ggas
i do this sh-t for my n-ggas locked up in that system
jason head hold ya head
jewel keep written sentences
maybe these jail sentences nothing but a young boys demise
and a reminder every time you walk outside

feel me, feel me
real talk, what's up

[verse 3]
look, my n-gga just had a daughter
only way to feed his daughter
said he hustlin harder hope no charges get brought up
tryin to stay out of gunplay so he see her tomorrow
back inside the gunplay soon as his homies call him
for that mission again on they mission again
pop another blue pill then feel relentless again
waking up in cold sweats see the image again
nightmares of his victims keep on visiting him
plus his people keep telling him use your common sense
so he tell'em retaliation is commencing
that's all they know as a compton kid
living only for the moment f-ck a consequence
his accomplishments lies deep within
the black heart that hoes be hatin violence
use violence as his defense so in his defense remain militant
i'm the voice of h-ll that we livin' in
so when the devil got they tongue, i be speakin' for them
talk to me, [hook] talk to me

i'm the voice of h-ll that we be livin
so when the devil got they tongue i be speakin for them
yung boys

[hook 2]
it's a young boy's world out here
i said i'm out here baby i said i'm out here baby
if you livin in this life blessed one day at a time
it's your world young boy you can heal or destroy
make it wrong or make it right
it's your world you decide
said it's yours young boy
said it's yours young boy
oh oh oh hey hey yaya baby yaya baby

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