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Kendrick Lamar - Spittin In The Whip MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1]
f-ck, watch how i k!ll 'em with the funky rhythm
i'll bomb if you don't feel 'em, piranhas in 'em
feed my persona as i get deep as nostradamus
no stallin' like the [inaudible], nuh-uh, [inaudible]
i'm ballin', cut up your pajamas if you're sleepin' on me
no promise, no peekin', homie
you're tryin' to confiscate the flow, i know
so i switch it quicker than my b-tches
if they want your attention
one thing for sure, they gon' get it
i'm cursed with the world's negatives
probably thinkin' i'm hurt, but that's the only way i can live
war, money, cash, drugs, got me feelin' like aids
walkin' inside the club
paid in full, it more be like [inaudible]
.38 snub huggin' my waist like it had arms
then i bear it, so i guess it really does
no paperwork on this marriage
he love when life [inaudible] better than life

[verse 2: kendrick lamar]
drunk off paul, n-gga, pourin' by the rover, b-tches
pourin' hollows over haters, we k!llin' insecure n-ggas
feelin' like the old jigga, old nas, old big, new ‘pac
oh my god, he's alive, he dropped bombs on you intellects
bombin' everythin' from the streets to the internet
hear the instrumental wet
then i'm a bust a nut, yep, i'm a f-ckin' nut
that is not an escalade, that's a d-mn armored truck
shoot who? shot what?
you ain't popped sh-t but some bubblegum and a bump
who you motherf-ckers want?
leave a motherf-cker slumped from the f-ckin' pump
he's a peanut to an elephant, put that n-gga in a trunk
might be out in houston, lean in my pimp cup
ride in '84s, throwed like a shot put
hoes on my jock like i'm from the atl
in our new block, choppers on the rooftop
flip a n-gga like he was a nba mascot
strip a n-gga from his wade cap to his two socks
got it from them compton blocks
raised from my grandpa's
every day, caught a fade like we like we own the barber shop
goons in the parkin' lot
who are you to fool if you bark a lot with no bite like an iguana
get k!lled right in front of your momma
hold tight, coroner comin'
summertime, perfect time for dove huntin'
and you a woman want to be at my house with her -ss out
she climaxed and p-ssed out
and promotional flyers, k-dot be the flyest
eat ten rappers a day, that's a h-ll of a diet
straight up like a kangaroo
pumpin' like a fist do from a pro-black
this is automatic rap, made a minute, take a second
i'm a get it maybe here for a minute when i'm finished
let's begin it

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