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Karmin - Night Like This MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

call all your homies up, tell 'em to bring a cup
we 'bout to turn it, 'bout to burn it, 'bout to screw it up
you got no car to drive, you better hitch a ride
it's going down, it's going round, it's getting out of line

whatever happens here is gonna disappear
all of your problems gonna drown 'em in the belvedere
n-body's keeping track how many drinks you had
so it's okay to let go

turn all of the lights down
and rock your body to the beat like this
we been going hard for a while now
and we been waiting for a night like this
that makes you go, oh oh
rock your body like, oh oh, rock your body
turn all of the lights down
cause we been waiting for a night like this

i got a little buzz, hope they don't call the fuzz
this party's gonna be the craziest there ever was
so watch me do my dance, my liquid confidence
has got me b-mping, got me jumping out my party pants

take to the street, take my keys
think i'm gonna need that d.d.
don't judge, that's mean
this right here is my therapy
i never take bleep from any man
never grew up i'm peter pan
never land sleep no tryptophan
get zzz's when i die understand?

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