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Karmin - Boom MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[intro: amy heidemann] (x4)
oh, oh, oh

[verse 1: amy heidemann]
turn me up, rock steady
d-d-d-disk right here, so heavy
blow this joint, confetti
f-f-f-free fall like tom petty
are you ready? 'cause
eight pounds and all the five ounces
here in the fight and destiny pounces
born in the storm, call me a rival
you see, i bring thunder wherever i go
into the room, ladies go boom
gotta sip drink and i [?] with a view
music on my chest like, woo!

[chorus: karmin]
everywhere we go
they stop and look at us
like “who they think they are?”
we hear 'em talking but
don't mean a thing to me
go ‘head and let 'em hate
we're doing what we do
we're here to celebrate

[post-chorus: amy heidemann (nick noonan]
(boom, boom, boom)
we're going up like
(boom, boom, boom)
so turn it up like
(boom, boom, boom)
dirty it up like
(boom, boom, boom
boom, boom, boom, boom)

[verse 2: amy heidemann]
doo-doo-doo-drop top throwback chevy
w-w-w-wild child style, serengeti
make that cake, crocker betty
[?], so sweaty
are you ready? 'cause
everybody gotta start somewhere
with the track to the top, black tie affair
[?] fog machines
[?], busting out scenes

[chorus + post-chorus]

always gonna be someone who
wanna steal your thunder and take you down
we blowing up no matter what they do, do, do
like b-boom, boom, boom

[chorus + post-chorus] (x2)

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