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Kanye West - What It Is MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1: kanye west]

uh, i don't need no little -ss
i need a ghetto -ss girl
with a car that can make it ‘cross town with just a little gas
i know when we first met, you was a little g-ssed
but you want to keep your swag
so you was holding back
your little brother love me
he say, “yeezy got some fresh clothes”
your grandmother love me
cause i always dress in dress clothes
i can switch your dress code
change your life like, “presto”
i am like that aston martin engine, you just press “go”
why you acting like you ain't impressed for
oh, see why you listen to the press though?
i ain't finna explain my life up on no larry king
cause when i show her that thing
she said, “that explains everything”
that just changed everything
yeezy on her name ring
yeezy where her chain bling
yeah, i throw barack up, but
baby, you get my vote
love a ghetto girl with more -ss than the models

[bridge: kanye west]

see, see, see i did the screwed up sh-t myself
i ain't put no affect, no
you know

[verse 2: kanye west]

ay, ay, ay gonna thump ‘m thump
when i thump i'm thumpin' on the old game
i can thump, thump, do some, something 'till they sold me
turn that b-tch to a soul train
i'll get a thump with the old stain
want to just slap that cocaine
like a cold king, someone who just sound like, “okay”
okay, i get it, i pound it, i spit it, now i'm throwin' up
i'm gonna, wanna something, 'till i got my moana
and then i'm gonna….

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