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Kanye West - 2004 Tim Westwood Freestyle MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1]
i told her to drive over after dude crib
bring a couple new friends
them last girls was too thick
how you expect me to hit?
you wanna watch clueless
i wanna watch foolish
excuse me, miss, i don't appreciate your rudeness
but if you strip, i will appreciate your nudeness
i heard the best head come from girls that is toothless
yeah my game ruthless, yeah my car roofless
spit that “through the wire” over chaka khan, ruthless
she said she had a friend look like janet jackson
that b-tch came over lookin' more like freddie jackson
nah, nah, nah, baby, won't be no time for no action
i'm just gon' play this “slow jamz,” holla at your man

[verse 2]
old school like melle mel
or we could go to the d where drelle drel
or dc, pg, or atl
back in chi, i mean my life like a magazine
honey wanna know the details about my ebony
well that's xxl
father penthouse, yeah that's upscale
mademoiselle got a h-ll of a black tail
i'm feelin' the vibe, her body and soul
i heard you stay in a metropolitan home
well let's k!ll all the pollyin', i offer you a cosmopolitan
let's jet out the club, get some oxygen
your friends say i'm a player, you'd be lucky to keep me
you know people gon' be talkin' 'bout us weekly
my car be in a robbery
p-o-r-t but what's more important to me is that
don't be comin' 'round my girl tryna act like mr. friendly
and steal the spotlight like mr. bentley
i spotted her like spud mckenzie
and for them fake b00bies, i paid them benjis
get your own
i got paris, he got nicky, he tried to get him a clone
he said, “ye, you know you got extra hoes
and everything you do is extra cold”
from the polo fleece to the jesus piece
i got family in high places like jesus niece
can i please say my peace?
if y'all fresh to death then i'm deceased
and this one here is a heat rock, spit like a beatbox
the way the beat rocks, new version of pete rock
but for that benz i get cl love
so i switched my girls around like 3l dub
my favorite girl wanna leave me just because i got a girlfriend
my freak girl told me now she's a christian
my white girl wanna move back to michigan
i'm pullin' girls off the bench like a 6th man
i'm in the club pullin' the same old two step
while omegas doin' the same old q step
i had my money on my mind, i was thinkin' green
she a pledge, aka, she was pink and green
i want a good girl, she want a gentleman
we sayin' the same thing like a synonym
i wasn't really spittin' game, i was scrimmagin'
my penmanship is so hard it needs censorship
i'm a chicago win 'til chicago wins
'til we blow like chicago wind
i don't know what's better, gettin' laid or gettin' paid
i just know when i'm gettin' one the other's gettin' away
i have to say, we goin' to m-ss today
we have to pray, these n-ggas is wack and aye i have to say
since pac p-ssed away
most these n-ggas don't even deserve a track from me
first of all, let's get rid of them louis vuitton boots
and get your tall -ss out that c-cl-ss coupe
you see the whiskey, had them girls feelin' frisky
you was with me, she said, “who's your sensei?”
and even if they wanna get busy
and freaky like missy and roll some weed up
you'll roll 3 blunts and f-ck up 3 blunts
mothaf-cka you would f-ck up a free lunch
dawg, keep it right thurr like chingy
your girl don't like me? how long has she been g-y?
spanish girls ask me, “no habla ingles”
and everybody wanna run to me for their sin-glay
it's funny how these wack n-ggas need my help
wasn't around when i couldn't feed myself
dawg if i was you i wouldn't feel myself
dawg if i was you i'd k!ll myself
that ethiopian chick drinkin' straight up liquor
i told her i'm nigerian, that's straight up n-gga
she claimed she ain't hear me on “the bounce” with jigga
she claimed she ain't see me on the bas-m-nt with tigga
them both my n-ggas, i suppose
i might have been doin' a lil' frontin' for the hoes
when i flip flows, i rip shows
and your girlfriends, can i hit those?
i don't know if it's me, or do them uggs
got girl's feets lookin' like sheepskin rugs
some rhyme with her name, some rhyme nameless
don't try to treat me like i ain't famous
my apologies, are you into astrology?
cause umm… i'm tryna make it to your -n-s
see that's a little john juan game
all across your chest like sean john's name
n-ggas tryna figure out since kan' came
who the rookie of the year: me or lebron james?
they said, “woah don't get caught up in the hype”
ain't no tellin' they gon' love you after tonight
well if tonight's the night, pop bottles, f-ck models
spend moeny 'til you're broke, my n-gga, live your life
cause i'm livin' international, n-gga, the american dream
all my dawgs is livin' vicariously through me
if i get head from drene, that's one for the team
cause 702, that's one for the crew
my dawg hip-hop really love claudette
so if i ever get to smash, this f-ck's for you
i can barely drive the g5 down king drive
cause like a brinks truck, they know there's money inside

i'ma take a little intermission
i'ma let y'all just talk about how good i rap for a minute and i'ma come back

[verse 3]
so i dropped out of school cause i'm tryna eff the tutor
her ex man drove a mercury cougar
i hit her with this maneuver, he just couldn't recuper'
i'm tryna stab one like jack the ripper
i'm tryna stab two like jack the tripper
my n-gga tone been locked for a minute
he come home, he from the skreets, he gon' want him some skrippers
and i'm a big tipper, i don't even be trippin'
this my first real rolex, it don't even be tickin'
this my first pair of earrings i can wear in the shower
without 'em cloudin' up in a half an hour
so that basically mean my paper gettin' jean
4 gs in the rocawear jeans
this top red hot like anthony kiedis
you see this? these are the sweetest adidas
we fire, y'all retire
all ugly people, please be quiet
hov ain't get a beat from me in a minute
he heard “just to get by” and i was re-hired
i got a track right now that could save mya
laughs i do though…

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