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Juice Wrld - Left You MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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your ex made a mistake when he left you
'cause now we on a level he can't get to you
this is me tryna tell you that you're special
honestly, i want this sh~t forever
i know these other n~ggas tryna press you, finesse you
i promise that i'm only tryna respect, not neglect you
let's go back to the crib, wan' undress you, caress you
got a n~gga blessed like “achoo”

god d~mn, your hand inside my hand
can't focus, need a vyvance
…like a doctor
you got my head spinning like a helicopter
you got my heart racin', speed racer
she really held me down, team player
if you try to take her, .40 with a laser…

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