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Juice Wrld - First Song Deleted In 2014 MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

i lowkey should've wrote this when i first met you
but, yeah
hope you like it, listen
here you go, cheers
i'm in the studio early wid it today man
it's worth it, yeah
turn me up in my headphones
look, listen, listen

[verse 1]
i wanna said it's our time
but i can't describe the way that i feel
this ain't a love song but above all
i just wanna keep this sh~t real
lowkey, these words are so overdue
and you, yeah you, you're so over cute
so beautiful, to my cubicle
when you around, it's a marvellous view
mе and you should just take a drive, uh huh
see the f~ck sh~t in thе rear view
it appears that it's clear too
just reveal to [?]
fool, you gotta keep it real
for you, we hope that your listening
can't see much bull
like stevie, i'm a wonder with the vision
looks like it's an interest
take a chance, h~ll yeah, we can risk it
girl we could risk it, d~mn
my thoughts are all over the place
and i see your blessing all over your face
girl, you outta this world, thought i met you in sp~ce
i'm screaming out, “wait”
before i continue, i just really wanna get one thing straight
you make the sun look like a freeze pop
somebody pass me the godd~mn sunscreen
and i was just wondering, maybe
baby can you hang out on a weekend or a weekday?
like a monday or a wednesday
maybe we can t up on a tuesday
maybe one day, maybe 2 days
just a few days, plus a few more
i don't play games, but with this wordplay
sh~t, a n~gga still got the high score, plus a lot more
yeah, yeah
yeah, yeah yeah, yeah
this my favourite part right here
some old school sh~t, you feel me?
[verse 2]
no need to run, i can't run
there ain't no hiding, i'm done
i'm gonna say how i feel
then i may roll me a blunt
you tell me quit all the smoking, there's too much weed in my lungs
i say i quit, i don't mean it, cos there's still weed in my lungs
but i could promise you this
you get me higher than that
you see that airplane in the sky?, well girl, you flyer than that
and when i get this record deal, i may just buy you a jet
cos i just think you the best, person that i've ever met
perfect, but better than that
worth it, i think that's a fact
i hope you listen to this, think about it, give it a chance
i know i'm feeling you lady
i hope you feeling a kid
but i'm not kidding with you, no, no
this is what you were meant
i'd like to squirt you again
f~ck it again and again
i'll do it over and over and over, 'til you get bent
i hope i'll cause a commotion, a motion you to come in
i wanna tell you more about it
but this song finna end
i hope you like it

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