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John Legend - Prelude Live MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[intro: john legend & alicia keys]
so i came on the scene in 2004
after, you know, a couple features
kanye's album college dropout comes out in february
and then all the labels that were turnin' me down before, they were like
“oh, um, now that kanye's sold this many records
i think it's time to sign the next thing out of his camp”
and so we come back with the same demo that we had before (and he was like, “wow!”)
but all of a sudden it sounded so much bеtter (“wow!”)
all these songs that madе my album get lifted were pretty much done by then
including this one (mm)

[verse: john legend & alicia keys]
come on and go with me (see?)
there's something new for you to see
come on and go with me, yeah
there's something new for you to see
just relax
just relax (mm)

[outro: john legend & alicia keys]
and then we put my first single out
and it's a good breakup song, here we go (hit it)

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