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Jid - J I D Freestyles On Flex Freestyle 056 MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

heard this sh-t like one time before, this beat
check, uh, look, get it

[verse 1]
split it with my n-ggas 'cause what's mines is ours
only way you multiply if you divide the power
grind for hours, fronto, pine-i sour
why the f-ck you think this n-gga cole was high for hours?
why the f-ck you think they got me out the slums of atlanta?
'cause j.i.d a computer, boy, i come with the data
cool, keeping my balance, stumbled over a carc-ss
smooth drink from a chalice, let me cook, i'm an artist
you can never see me, i b-ring the noise
f-ck your haha's and hehe's, you see, we deploy
couldn't read me if he w.e.b du bois
n-gga cease-cease your voice ‘fore we lea-leak your boy
peep me, j.i.d be on your tv, my girl skee wee
my weed kiwi, my dreads tipi, my oil tea tree
wake the game up, them boys sleepy
a rose grew from concrete, soil, and feces
hear me clear 'cause i don't really like to repeat it
your favorite rapper gets ctrl-alt-deleted
he sees it, she sees it, n-gga, we seize the moment
please show me my opponent, motherf-cker
my dad gave me the swag, god gave me the voice
i said you n-ggas play it like we gave you a choice
just watch how the game play, don't play with them boys
they breath stankin', hand shaking and moist
must avoid, gun blast such a joyful noise
pick your poison, pick your squad of boys and vandalize some stores
five, four, trey, deuce, one, jesus son
make nuisance or shake loose 'cause you can die from a gun
g-y guys do drive-bys—that's a fruit roll up
and i ain't h0m-phobic, look, my gun will blow her
tryna turn my city to the modern sodom and gomorrah
they sneak dissing but they will not take a shot at the boy, yuh
never oscar de la hoya, i'm like ali with it
i got this 3-57, i got this weed with me
and it's crazy because i'm up in nyc with it
won't catch me with it, plaxico beezy, sh-t
i ain't lil weezy, but that n-gga inspired my dreams
so word to him, jay, nas, ‘ye, kenny, and d
but watch this guillotine flow, slice the head of her king
kings cool, kamikaze, j.i.d step on the scene
just like somebody has awoken a kraken out the cave
crack in a box, and i lock in intemperate rage
i was down in my socks and intoxicated in the rain
'cause my rhymes wasn't getting to the people from the page
i took my piggy bank, came back to the a with a felony charge
penning if i don't pay the state
pendulum swing, sw-ng, swung, knocked me across my face
realizations of not becoming anything
kinda funny 'cause it's like a f-cking dungeon in my brain
put a noose around my neck, let that bungeecord hang
call upon the lord mane, i need run support
or a magic wand, maybe dumbledore
to help me out, then get me out this d-mn revolving door
the h-ll we 'bout to do i'm 'bout to just jump out the porch
i know i'm bound to make it, boy, i'm the cow manure
megatron with the puns, i'm like the calvin boy
saddle the cattle n-ggas down for the battle, it ends one or two ways in the ground or the gavel
gravel under my toes, thinking the time i've done traveled
mind over matter, not with the chatter, you running my data blocka the block up
n-ggas act up, and act as if the reaction to happenings h-lla tragic
but it's part of the pattern
paddy cake in her face and she freebasing and scr-ping it off the plate
on that white, 'cause that green being tested by the state
on this mic so i formulate the method every day
what you like, what you wanna hear, i show you how it's made
on this hen straight, f-ck a beer, see a slim waist and her friend
i could probably cover two like a buccaneer

haha, oh sh-t, aight that's all i got on that one
let's do it
oh yeah i can run with that, this my dawg
run that back, run it back, run it back, let me get it from top
this my sh-t, this my sh-t, this my sh-t right here
aight i got you, whatever
uh, aight, where we gonna go with this one
um, check, this my big sh-t, word to b.i.g
check, um, alright

[verse 2]
habeas corpus, how to produce a f-ckin' body on the spot
never not being ready for whatever
i had to fight with the devil himself
he was upset that god's a woman
never let him f-ck, so he was mad in h-ll
the irony mad as h-ll 'cause you weak
thinking 'bout these n-ggas in the rap game, boy, you weak
i won't speak unless a n-gga speak to me
but i think, i'm on a brink of a—it's like, eureka! eureka! i got it
coming for your spot with head shots and red dots
had my sister beat your lady into some red bottom
the flow like alzheimer's; spit it, forget it, but he quick with it
all the time, god is good, all the time
jiddy got all the rhymes, all the rhythms
i grab pens, calculate flows, algorithms
arithmetic, a mathematician
the rhythm could kick the sound to k!ll 'em
but i don't even need the h-ssle
i just need the keys to the castle and some weed
tell the judge you won't need my pee, like pterodactyl
i don't feel these n-ggas
down south, georgia boy watchin' troy, i'mma k!ll these n-ggas
j.i.d snap like achilles tendons; you need to stretch more
n-ggas tried to kick it to me, i'm devin hester
with the russian chopper i got from my homegirl, svetla
get in the booth and n-ggas sweatin'
it's a sweatlodge when j.i.d in the room
you better come with all your methods, insidious moves
we taking flight when it's dark at night
big gun with the sharpest knife, hill harper height
glocks in toy story, j.i.d like a gorgonite
poltergeist, chill up your spine when it's cold at night
pour quatro in the coldest sprite
then bite down, denzel with the overbite
me and your lady on a motorbike
she facing me so i can motorboat her t-tties after this next right
usually i'm blowing weed like curren$y and jet life
n-ggas aiming at dome, so keep your vest tight
i'm just trying get my steps right flow is a bl–dy mess
i was blessed with treasure inside the trash
sever my hands reaching through the metal and gl-ss
it's been a blast, feeling magic and in the madness, give me your hands
give me p-ssion, anything that could equal some satisfaction
looking for love at the end of this hen bottle
looking for pub', let me pen your next album
call from above, tell me j.i.d you been allowed to point it
remerged, kicking lyrics in the south, no issue
wipe that drizzle of your mouth, it's time to wake up the house
y'all n-ggas been playing skins vs. blouses
i'mma keep my shirt on until some hoes come out
always keep your word, homie, i don't know nothing else
i'm your father, go get a switch or a belt
interrupting my method, in here making this velvet
grab my d-ck and do a thrust with my pelvis
my shoes suede, but don't f-ck with no elvis
i'm from the era of real sh-t; k!ll-or-be-k!lled sh-t
k!ller bee; real quick, float like b-tterfly
sting like k!ller bee, flow worth kilograms, you n-ggas k!llin' me
thinkin' you ill as me—what's sh-t to a enema?
enemy, anyone, get at me, i'm the epitome

hold on, man
yeah, yo

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