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Jid - A Spill By Slim MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

n-gga don't worry 'bout me
just worry about yourself
you better grab your pockets 'cause i'm coming for that wealth
and i be aiming for the chop, and i'm not talking about no shelf
and i be blowing on some sh-t they say that's bad for your health
and i can do it by myself, i don't need n0body
but i need my team to blow and that's word to young roddy
and my words so crack, calling me a young bobby
and everybody gone know me 'cause everybody gone watch me like houston we got a problem
they know i'm from richmond so they think i'm gone rob 'em
but they right, get 'em from my rights, i got problems
they know what i hold, but they think i'ma fold
i need money for shows, you use money on clothes
i pay attention to business, you pay attention to hoes
i said your mind on the wrong things
tell 'em f-ck the unncessary and small things
n-ggas k!lling for territory and drug claims, it ain't the same thing
it ain't the same game, but i play my position so i can maintain
these n-ggas stuck in the traffic up in the same lane
i think smarter, but n-gga we got the same brain
i use it different, i stress my people to listen
i'm telling you cause i lived it
don't hesitate, go and get it
i'm talking to myself and all my n-ggas that's with it
so we can be better than n-ggas that did it
intelligent and i'm gifted, you better watch your back
if you close to edge, you better watch that crack
my n-ggas close to that bread so they keep that mac
it's a lot of bad apples, better watch that batch
it's like a movie, truly up in the making
you can see it for yourself like you was watching the matrix
don't take a pause, i'm telling n-ggas be patient

now let's start the show
now let's start the show
now let's start the show
now let's start the show
now let's start the show
now let's start the—

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