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James Arthur - Tilikum MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

look try and -ssertain this
swim around in circles, do the same sh-t
welcome to my circus
to my slave ship
i'm a servant to the devil
to my payslip
everybody is telling me to smile more
preaching politics
f-ck em, i'll be guy fawkes
racking up the haters
man i need em give me five more
at least i know when i am in fine form
see i don't give a f-ck if they don't like me
i'm a m-th-rf-ckin king and they should knight me
if you don't like my f-ckin arrogence then fight me
i'll knock your head off your neck before my flight leaves
where am i going to?
places rolling into one
im a [?]
i need to skin up and chill out and put your dinner on
i'm close to breaking and k!llin now that my kid is gone
there all gone
it's just me
there all gone
it's just me
and all these leaches on my d-ck
all these preachers on my back
can't you see that i am sick
can't you see why i can snap
look, i'm amazing at my job that is gospel that's a fact
but there are some people sk!ll that i obviously lack
i'm a wild k!ller, don't push me bro
i'm warning ya
your gonna wish you never touched me when i'm floorin ya
i'll sink my jaws into your neck they'll ring the coriner
for putting my -rs- on stage every night because i mean more than ya
all the worlds a stage
i'm in the largest f-ckin set
i make millions but i ain't rockin largerfeld
i'm down at seaworld
if you don't save a k!ller whale i'll stomp your heart [?]
in the wild i never hurt n0body
still you slap me down take [?] from me
get the f-ck up outta my face before i murder somebody
there all gone
its just me
there all gone
it's just me

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