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Jack Harlow - Sonic Boom MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

uh, yeah
okay, guess who?
i swear man, this beat is off the charts
i'm 'bout to k!ll this thing
yeah, uh

okay, it's mr. harlow, never sparin' the track (nope)
don't worry hip~hop, i'll be there in a sec (one minute)
prepared to attack, 'cause i'm tryna be the best (yes)
lookin' at my friends, and they seem to be impressed (woo!)
yeah, call it a sonic boom (boosh!)
headed to the top, doin' what i gotta do (bang)
flow so sick, you would think i got the flu (~cough~)
don't need a studio, 'cause yeah, i got a room (hi)
yessir, i'm so impeccable (uh)
they be bitin' off the swag, 'cause it's so delectable
so incredible, my game is atrocious
spittin' that dopeness, rappers so bogus
yeah, they got me in the lunch line
kickin' dumb rhymes and spittin' the punch lines (yo, yo)
still unsigned, no surprise (no)
sittin' at the bottom but i hope to rise (to the top)

boom! (ay, boom, yeah)
boom! (yeah, bye)

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