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Jack Harlow - No Hero Freestyle MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

i am no hero, i just write verses
i tip my hat to the doctors and the nurses
nilan bring the styrofoam carry out into my home before i touch the box i gotta disinfect the surface
my career would be screwed without the internet for certain
so i assume if this had happened back in ‘85 artist probably woulda had to get some separate work in
even now, off the road missin' checks is hurtin'
she gettin' freaky on the facetime for me cause it might just be a while before we gettin' s~x in person
just a month ago sh~t was picture esq and perfect
wish that i can said that things were gettin less concern in' but instead
i'm having dark thoughts late at night
triggering me to text my parents beggin them to stay inside
it's bad news stacking up, looking for a ray of shine, something we could turn to someone that'll say it's fine
cause the dead things just taking lives and it wants to takes it time no amount of money or celebrity can change its mind life's coming to a halt that all mean the same as mine
it's f~cked up

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