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Gucci Mane - Street Smart MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

i been strugglin and strugglin for oh so long
so i can be successful in life and stay strong
i was raised to respect my elders
and if i didn't, i would wind up as a failure
so we're sippin some brew
on the corner with my so-called crew
my pop told me the streets wasn't games and fun
he says be wise and listen up, son
i would never tell you nothin that wasn't true
only right from wrong and things you shouldn't do
in the ghetto you gotta watch over the shoulder
and just remember that i was the one that told ya
me and your mother will be in through thick and thin
cause when it comes to it, we're like your best friends
i took his advice, and it did me some good
now i'm not a product of the hood
when i walk the ave now i keep my head high
as soon when i'm older i'll have a piece of the pie
see, where i'm from you had to have heart
i guess that's why i'm street smart

nine months of labour, i make my arrival
i'm just a youngsta playin the game of survival
my mom told me patience is a virtue
sticks, stones break bones but — never hurt you
negativity i don't indulge in
but that don't mean that my pockets ain't buldgin
especially in this day and time
i rather get props, hops, from just sayin rhymes
cause the streets mislead ya
if you was starvin tell me who would ever feed ya
chillin with your boys smokin jays
sittin back, talkin about the old days
fiends sellin radio clocks
lookin on the ground for rocks
youngsta's in school and cats
flippin packs like flapjacks
rollin, rollin dice like a casino
look at that– nino brown or al pacino
you can't beat this with a head start
you know why? because i'm street smart

growin up in the ghetto is worse than skid row
so i decided to let the kids know
how it really is even though i'm in showbiz
one thing that i know is
the streets will leave you with a dumb look
an old lady cryin cause a b-m took her pocket book
five-o stay right at the corner
stand there too long and you're a goner
thinkin back when my pockets was empty
i couldn't let negativity tempt me
i was down to get mines
i was lost and now it's time to catch up like heinz
i used to stay out late, be a street dweller
not a drug seller but a smooth young fella
i just about seen it all
streets is no joke, that's right, how many y'all
brothers been fightin for no reason
so all the girls, i ain't the one to be skeezin
that's right, baby, you can't play me, sweetheart
because i'm street smart

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