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Gucci Mane - Smart Mouth MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[hook: (x2)]
smart mouth (x4)
she [got a real] fat -ss, but got a smart mouth
smart mouth (x4)
i guess i'll hit right on the couch she got the smart mouth

[verse 1:]
she's a straight a student she's a smart mouth
best brain in the college got the smart mouth
she suck it slow she suck it fast she got a wild mouth
she [?] how she talk, she got a foul mouth
she gets me one more time im'ma pull her out
gucci mane they just let me out
love me now or love me not
[?] and a rolex watch
show love, i f-ck you're b-tch in your own car
home run, i shot him with his own gun

[hook: (x2)]

[verse 2:]
rich n-ggas don't talk too much, broke n-ggas [?]
she on the crutch can't walk too much, i'll k!ll you for just [?]
smoke kush [?], [?]
got a trap house and a record label, got a half of brick on my dinner table
a n-gga tell on his momma, a n-gga tell on his auntie
a n-gga cut off his right hand, send the bottle to the white man
before i could sing my abc's, i had a ak
before i could count through one, two, three, i had a [?]
can't cook roast, but i cook dope
a hundred p's of the good smoke
if you play here, don't pay me, drop neck on your head 'till your neck broke
cadillac with them straps in it, show jeans with them racks in it
this business with that business, but i settle for the crack business

[hook: (x2)]

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