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Gucci Mane - Paradise East MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

i grow up on the [?] next to paradise east (huh?)
but ain't no paradise out here that i see (what?)
two bedroom apartment and rent is not free (huh?)
so i'm out here sellin' dope because my family gotta eat (yup)

you're born with a silver spoon, but, n~gga, not me (hah)
we didn't even have shoes, we walked around bare~feet (yup)
have you ever been so hungry that it made you go to sleep? (d~mn)
and have a dream 'bout a ‘frigerator full of groceries (grr)
stealin' out the store, 7~year~old thief (woo)
you ain't nevеr met a n~gga been through it like me (no)
had to do a burglary to gеt your first half a key (skrrt, skrrt)
mixin' pills with the lean like you're making daiquiris (lean)
trappin' out the park, got a chopper in the tree (grrrr)
junkies big and you for credit, gucci, pretty, pretty please (hee)
get the f~ck away from me before i shoot you in your knees (pow, pow)
sunnyvale apartments and we got them fours for threes (ahh)
had to sell your partner momma 'cause you really need the cheese (momma)
'cause your momma disowned ya and you're knee~deep in the skreet
call me guwop the goat 'cause i'm at these sucker's throat
don't compare me to no rapper if he never sold dope (‘wop)

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