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Gucci Mane - Hot Boys Intro MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

free my n-gg- turk he out now shoutout to the hot boys
panoramic roof to my new bentley see the stars ?
red ? bentley and them ? them hot toys
you said you hot like ? but tell the truth your not boy
f-ckin' around with lames that's why young scooter got shot boy
this shooters well trained they missed a lotta shots boy
i'm mr show out showing out cuz gucci got a lot boy
she miss 8ball she snort a lot a lotta ? sl-t boy
100 pounds i took that sh-t cause i'm king of the crop boy
got so much money hiding i get this sh-t riding boy
my lil' boy been spoilin' you know that boy is riding boy
i'm from down south say that i'm country, b-tch, but i'm not pickin' cotton boy
riding around in my bentley i'm like mothaf-ck a ?
rollie pollie on my wrist cause i can ? no ? boy
i put 150000 for the rolex gold clock boy
me and thug we showing golds man feel like we the hot boys
they call me big gucci big guwop when i drop my hard top
call me gucci me slick gucci when i drop my drop top
if you ain't down with brick squad n-gg- youse a have-not
n-gg- we showed out in the parking lot
and we could shoot out the parking lot
killa a n-gg- for a parking spot
so set your friend got chopped up
ain't no showin' remorse all i leave a smoke a ?
mojo ?
me and ? taking money you know me we sending shots

drop top baby no n-gg- gotta be seen
in the drop top baby the birdman i know you heard me
that big call like 2 million a hundred bands
i'm a stunna man
got 6 rolls in a top
now hundreds man this commas man
free my n-gg- lil boosie
-sshole like trae the truth
they call me ran in the ?
now this b-tches wanna gave they coochie
now spin like a mothaf-ckin' ?
that's cause i'm a motherf-ckin' ?
20000 for every teeth in my mouth now b-tches say i'm talkin too ruthless
skateboard on dueces
makin' nothing but movies
my favorite gun is a uzi
hot boys but this ain't a movie
shoot his -ss in his head
? dead
y'all get ? ?
hot boys hot boys hot boys hot
i'm my motherf-kcin' spot
we ain't shooting nothing but glock
ain't this is not a jam we can buss a cop

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