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Gucci Mane - Breakfast MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[hook: gucci mane]
i smoke weed for breakfast, i drink lean for breakfast
i take mollies, i take xanax, i can't eat no breakfast
half a pound for breakfast, two grams of molly, breakfast
a pint of lean for breakfast and i'm cookin' dope for breakfast
i smoke weed for breakfast, i drink lean for breakfast
i take mollies, i take xanax, i can't eat no breakfast
half a pound for breakfast, two grams of molly, breakfast
a pint of lean for breakfast, i got collard greens for breakfast

[verse 1: gucci mane]
bitin' on my lip for breakfast, can't serve that trick unless…
we on two different levels, flock said he just came from belgium
my trap house right off gresham, i'm so godd-mn successful
she ate my d-ck for dinner then she ate my lips for breakfast
got a big booty b-tch with some nice size t-tties
baby so fine, gotta let her ride with me
she the type of b-tch gets an f550
you the type of b-tch can't get one penny
smoke 75 blunts in one minute
i ain't finna eat no denny's or wendy's
i sure ain't broke and i sure ain't friendly
i don't flash shows if the show got plenty
if the show a smorgasbord then i won't get skinny
pour the lean so dark that it look like henny
it's breakfast time and y'all n-gg-s come get it
if you wanna go to war, p-ssy n-gg- i'm with it
i peeped it, you piece of sh-t
try to creep on, n-gg-, i seen it
put a beam on a n-gg- for treason
i'll kill a f-ck n-gg-, no reason

[hook: gucci mane]

[verse 2: waka flocka flame]
pocket full of mollies, blow them pounds out the window
diamond cuban gold link chain cost a kilo
get it fronted by amigo, plus i got a hit single
motherf-ck these n-gg-s, what the h-ll they sayin'?
crossed over, still stay ‘hood
steel top on my phantom hood
can't cook dope but a n-gg- shoot good
got your baby mama walkin' on my hardwood
orange juice and five backwoods for breakfast
80, 000 dollars on a young n-gg- necklace
can't hit the club if them hoes ain't naked
waka flocka flame is so d-mn reckless
n-gg-s puttin' bands on they head, just wreck it
pocket full of hundreds, don't do no debit
only smoke gas, you smoke unleaded
brick squad hittin' lanes, found the exit
smoke another pound, my n-gg-
where the f-ck you from? throw your ‘hood up, n-gg-
diamonds in my mouth, can't do golds, my n-gg-
shorty be boozed, kicked back on the leather
keep it real, chase cheddar
she'll f-ck for some red-bottoms and a givenchy sweater
that hoe ain't sh-t – type of b-tch that set me up
peewee in the cut with a scr-p and a double cup
she ain't see him…

[hook: gucci mane]

[verse 3: peewee longway]
in the morning i'm still geekin', lickin' miley cyrus for breakfast
three bad b-tches from the playboy mansion,
i'm peewee longway hefner
got pink double-sealed in my refrigerator, i pour mud up for breakfast
got a place, said he want a load of collard greens
meet me on metropolitan at the burger king
went out for breakfast, n-gg-, me and waka and gucci
just finessed it up, $4, 000 gas, p-ss in a bentley truck
we eat rats, that's how we get full
if you a rat, we got the semi-auto full, boy
took your ice in, that sh-t, i ain't bird
catch a tail from the light i'll come and make this year
2013 i tip, tryna calm my whip
rappers talkin' ‘bout the table, countin' up my chips
sippin' on mud, drinkin' out the mug
with a n-gg- misses, boy, i know he p-ssed
lean got me trippin', is it workin'? sh-t…
one day, i ain't gon' hurt you, b-tch
y'all know the rest, it's my breakfast, b-tch
trust me not, punk, f-ck you, sh-t
molly on me, b-tch, the lean on me, b-tch
go ahead all with them hash and grits


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