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Gucci Mane - Beat It Up MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

“beat it up”
(feat. trey songz)

[chorus: trey songz]
it's 4 in the mornin
she callin my phone
she wannna be grown
we gone get it on
she said that she lonely
cause hes never around
said she like my style
he can lay you down
say he can lay you down
but i'm a beat it up
i'm a beat it up
i'm a beat it up
he can lay you down
but i'm a beat it up
i'm a beat it up

[verse 1: gucci mane]
i hopped up out my bed
got my swag on
stronger than filet mignon
two gs blown just for cologne
money never limited
so icey with benefits
my driver needs a p-ssport
all my cars are immigrants!
it's so sickening
history you're witnessing
i had a girl she quit me
now i'm single want to get with me?
sticky again they stick to me
if you see your chick with gucci
think before you confronting ruley
ain't my fault your lady choosin
430 stepped on purp it
08 verty rollin dirty
wardrobe clean as this detergent
got your girlfriend picking purses
say she lonely
gucci only one with to meet me in person
when she met me home
my —– told me that shes over first


[verse 2: gucci mane]
your girlfriend keep callin me
i feel like she stalkin me
you at home
and she with me
so morning it's an argument
gucci mane be d-gg-n it
beatin her down
straight poundin it
drillin on your sheets
got your blanket at the laundromat
wait baby girl throw it back
old man might catch heart attack
gucci mane not hardly that
smack you like i'm mad at that
swear this s-x so p-ssionate
oral s-x she mastered that
p-rnographic poses
like she posing for the internet
wait i was not finished yet
never been a minute man
always been a business man
gotta catch your feelings man
got a man?
oh really now?
acting like i give a d-mn!

used to like her now i don't
got a real short attention span


[verse 3: gucci mane]
gucci trey songz put it on
my shirt off when i perform
she say this her favorite song
she got on my favorite thong
she so hot
too hot to touch
truthfully too much for lames
gucci mane i'm extra game
so extra rubbers i'm a bring
got your main thang screaming gucci
every tuesday night we cool whip
wish we could do it more often
but i'm often somewhere flossin
lay it down like carpet barbie
aston martin double park it
beat it like we got a problem
pop her till she call me poppa
freakin partners
why we never bother with a second option
hoppin got the mattress poppin
rockin while her girlfriend watchin
freakin partners
why they never bother with a second option
hoppin got the mattress poppin
rockin while her girlfriend watchin


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