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Goldlink - Planet Paradise MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

go ahead ad spank me like you hate me
wake up to planet paradise
we have the best arts in the milkyway
planet paradise x4
yo baby daddy's back x2

(hook x5)
oh, god, sell it to the squad
real n-gg-s tell you you a little bit of god

i see a rock gold link with my fur black minx
god's still me, kickin' with a low down freak
got a wallet hot pop, hope the partner's got a h-lla ring
corner up my name, did she really say she on the bill?
put her ch-nk up, from my geek, gimmo
one of these the first of week the game of thrones came out
had it with my n-gg-, spinnin' it with my kicker
receive a call, my connect had to show my respect
we next to keep the throne, but i gotta keep up
man, b-tch keeper, i don't think i deserve
but i gotta keep her, let her eat my desert
cause i'm coolin' it wit my n-gg-s on the reefa
used to pocket gimmick, but i bet you differ
flow shoes, swish, got a (???) like a b-tch
i eat, i split that sh-t, lickidy whip
i went straight in, who be go airline?
who? me?!? rockin' and rockin' upon the v
then my neighbors at my door cause they hear me when they sleep
probably a leak, while i wake up bruce lee
so i'm real, i circle with the winner of the dmv
with the torture, what i called to have to take yo b-tch, n-gg-
you in love and i am pimpin', gotta ask myself
mirror mirror on the wall, how many sucka mother f-ckas do i call and
let the sun rise as i go to sleep
i hear the creek creep when i dinner with yo b-tch
f-cked her on yo bed while i skeeted on yo sheets
and i'm so discreet, beat her in the p
some of you say please

(hook x5)
oh, god, sell it to the squad
real n-gg-s tell you you a little bit of god

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