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G Eazy - Tim Westwood Freestyle 2015 MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

yeah, people are haters
i did a deal with the majors
made a million, then i see millions of imitators
you can be yourself, i tell ya, it's plenty flavors
in 2016, i'm finished with giving favors
move to a big -ss crib on twenty acres
just met angelina and brad, they're friendly neighbors
ain't too many real ones left, there's plenty fakers
look at all these rappers there's plenty of indicators
saw me reaching the top, but i'm about to
these copy cats study my moves to figure how to
try to the one, but every dog's not the alpha
my new year's resolution is f-cking jessica alba
slip and slide in them dms, i think she's 'bout it
forgot how many f-cks i gave, i gotta count it
and even though i'm blessed, to tell you the truth about it
it's only so much space on my d-ck, it's getting crowded
planted seeds for money trees, i think it's sprouted
i'm planning me a world-wide tour, it's getting routed
so try and come and take what i got, i really doubt it
these rappers really swear they could see me, i'm astounded
think you need an eye-drop, you ain't taking my spot
high hopes, that's a nice thought, not what i got
rap game gordon gekko, they're buying my stock
and that beef you got is livestock, yeah
try me, i dead it quick, think about it, let it stick
dropped h-lla bars, yeah, and everything i said is slick
wonder why your b-tch chose, cause i gave her better d-ck
aww man, i'm h-lla sick
yeah, i give a f-ck how anyone views this
i just had to send a reminder out that i do's this
feels like i was chosen to shine, we didn't choose this
what i'm born to do, i'm wearing it cause the shoe fits
yeah, like the slipper cinderella had
bruce wayne show up at a party via helipad
yeah, and wait until my alb-m drops
know i'm going number one
haters will be h-lla mad
at the soul house me and like 10 hoes
took her to the bathroom i came on her kinesio
i know what you're thinking, yeah me too
the bay area is in this b-tch
what it do?

young gerald
tim westwood, what up?
the bay to the uk
worldwide international superstars

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