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G Eazy - Sway Freestyle MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[intro: sway]
yea, turn it up in the headphones a little bit
alright g-eazy you want to jump on that first
(yea, i'll go first)

[verse 1]
show up out in austin in venice with the women
stains on her blouse, i'm just damaging her linen
living real comfy there's advantages to winning
i'm just making rappers jealous now the damage is beginning
yea, i swear i'm elvis to these hoes
selfish when she blows from the pelvis to her nose
dapper dan, make her clap for bands
and i'm taking down her, her, and her ampersand
this sh-t is bonkers, high as helicopters
slam princesses, eazy comes and he conquers
then he's moving onwards, groupies after concerts
looking for the smart ones cause the brain is better on nerds
yeah, and your game is lousy, she's got me up but them bars got me drowsy
haha, rowdy, do not leave your girlfriend around me

[outro: sway]
g-eazy off the top
he's an off the top specialist

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