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G Eazy - Random Unreleased Verse MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

that boy you know he got some crazy in him
this time i let him know that i ain't playing with them
supermodels laying with him
gold teeth just to let you know the bay is in him
i party with the girl you say you cuffing
got plenty champagne but i don't pay for nothing
if you ain't folding, you better pray i'm bluffing
yeah they talk a lot but they ain't really saying nothing
and yeah, i've got that bape in london
a super villain yeah, but i don't wear a cape or nothing
i just snatch chicks, pull hat tricks with smooth tactics
that's practice, haters got problems that they can't fix
p-ssing loud trees, oh boy, i be like that stinks
bathroom girls doing lines over gl-ss sinks
wonder if she'll take it off, oh let's see what cash brings
celebrating life everytime that that gl-ss clinks

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