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Lirik Lagu

young gerald, this is how it's happening

hitting britneys with the federline
i just speak my thoughts, i don't ever have to edit mine
she been off the chow, higher than my credit line
hard drugs, you'd be hard pressed to find a better time
i got my mind made, i be setting mine
get the p-ssy fast, any place, any time
free kevin gates
yeah i'm really out my mind
f-ck you, exclamation, exclamation, underline
they ain't make me, i prayed for it, and i worked daily
they try but they can't change me
why you rappers don't eat?
‘cuz you're too f-cking lazy
pay no mind, i only chase jay-z or shady
smoking h-lla chronic get faded
money is goliath yours david, we can't trade it
got three girlfriends, three s-x drives, i should probably braid it
live a wild life ‘cuz i made it
listen, yeah uh
and i don't take dayoff exhibition game. but i still treat it like a playoff
really no surprise, you put the work in, then it pay off
look i be off the sh-ts
i don't know what they off
closing out some deals, know i'm fortunate, about to make a pay off
fishing, you just never catch it, they just rip the bait off
show the most love, go and get your hate off
motherf-cking adolf
you about to fade off
this is not a hobby, this my job, what i'm paid off
10 ms for 10 thousand hours was the trade off
they recognize the swag, then they go and rip it straight off
nick k ripped john travolta's face off
she undressed, i be certified finessing
but hoes be like busses, you miss one, then you go and catch the next one
a hero in the bay, i feel like stephen
a legend, the best one
the check came, that's rev run
that's rev run

yeah, haha
you know
smashe dit baby
young t=gerald
tim westwood
center of the universe
rest in peace 2pac, and rest in peace mac dre
happy birthday dre

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