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Far East Movement - Lowridin MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[the cure:] “whenever i'm alone with you”
“whenever i'm alone with you”
oh, oh, oh, oh

[break: bionic]
lowridin' (oh, oh, oh, oh)
low (oh, oh, oh, oh)
lowridin' (oh, oh-oh, oh)

[verse 1: kev nish {kev nish slowed down}]
picture me
rollin' in my drop top
me and my girl
b-mpin' the
oldies with the homies
we on top of the world
this be
west coast ridin'
in the flyest two seater
with the fast low leader
so the hood's over heated
candy painted whip
doin' kisses on tip
i'm a lowridin' ruler
burnin' rubber with my chick
on a california roll
double 0 to 6-4
so i gotta drive slow when i'm
{sittin' on chrome}

[chorus: bionic]
however far away
i will always love you
however long i stay
i will always love you
however far away
i will always love you
i will always love you
i will always love you

[verse 2: prohgress {prohgress slowed down}]
you my ride-or-die chick
you keep my engine runnin'
you ain't picking up the phone
even though your friends buggin'
but ain't nothin' when we touchin'
ain't hearing n-body
in the backseat
legs up
{windows all foggy}
we ain't riding on blades
and i needn't all change
you ain't never seen nothin'
you just ridin' our way
and that's why i'm gonna stay with ya
{stay with ya}
you ain't gotta
worry about a thing, we could
take a picture (take a picture)



[verse 3: j-splif]
better step, to the side
cause i'm gunnin' for the prize
i'm the number one contender here
to make the girl, mine
she's a diva, not a skeezer
just a hot, senorita
and she makes my heart thump
like some twenty-inch speakers
once you wrapped around my arm
you could be my lucky charm
i'm a certified, pimp
and i got it goin' on
i'm addicted to you, girl
need my fix, everyday
i ain't tryin' to rehab
got you runnin' through my veins


“whenever i'm alone with you”
fm on dial
“whenever i'm alone with you”

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