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Dreamdoll - Dreamdoll MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

free meek!
uh-huh, better days to come
here's my story
i be d-mned if i let another b-tch tell it
uh-huh, uh

growing up, [?] and it's sad b
pop 2 and 55 there was no daddy
call somebody's man, i miss that n-gg- badly
single mother, five kids, sh-t is sad b
somebody save me, save me
nineteen in jail man i was a baby
i went la, build money across the states see
pieces h-tting up at apple man, sh-t got brazy
somebody save me, save me
all my exes f-cked me over tryna play me
leaking vids, and leaking nudes that sh-t don't phase me
boss b-tch from the bronx, the struggle made me
yeah, i fell in love with them swipes i was trapping hard
cashing out money, all this on them gift cards
the cashier gon' give it up because i'm dream doll
i was young, i ain't think i was gon' get charged
and b-tches cannot play me, are you crazy?
they post pics for free, b-tch you gotta pay me
love and hip hop, reading all these b-tches daily
bad girls club, man these b-tches couldn't take me
you cannot phase me, not even maybe
i'm a grade a b-tch and you a grade b
try to send shots, ain't even graze me
b-tch you on the wrong route, you couldn't even waze me
uh, uh
hollup, time to switch the flow up
yeah i could post my mugshot, but that's before the glow up
built my own empire from the f-cking floor up
now i'm on the radio, have my haters call up
i'm the gwinin princess, b-tches been pressed
i go mad hard, now they looking impressed
you my lick on you, i ain't into incest
pimping all you hoes, google me a pimp, yes!

this the dream doll story
i think i'm saved, uh-huh

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