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Lirik Lagu


[verse 1]
now i don't know him, but i know his type (uh~huh)
skinny n~gga, used to hold swipes (yeah)
n~gga named leaky used to eat me like a bowl of rice (what else?)
i ain't gon' lie, the way he did me turned me cold as ice (huh?)
backstabbin' n~gga, n~gga taught me how to hold a knife (oh, word?)
and his man name was shaun
i never gave him no p~ssy, but i did later on (what else?)
i never gave up this throat, though (uh~huh)
yeah, he was cute, but he was broke, though
blood n~gga salty 'cause i be around the locs, though (haha)
remind me of a n~gga named corey, he was corny (uh~huh?)
a lil' n~gga on me, had to park him like dorney (you stupid)
runnin' 'round actin' like a blockhead
met him up in blockheads
gave all the b~tches on my block head
n~gga named ruger, he a shooter, though
never had a v, always pulled up in an uber, though
left him on seen, n~gga blew up my text (yeah)
but i called him last week to come shoot at my ex (you mean mally?)
f~ck mally
if you every see him, don't hesitate to boom at him
watch the lil' moncler levitate (haha)
got the n~gga name still tatted on my leg today
but his man's aim so good, it almost went away
put this lil' p~ssy on a n~gga named ty (why?)
he always up a band every time he came by (okay)
so i got his number saved under trick daddy (trick daddy)
so next time he got the bands, i got a trick, daddy (what about ruger?)
what ruger?
i know you ain't talkin' 'bout raymond
he done told on everybody from the haven (county)
if he ever ran down, i hope you fell back, boo
'cause if you ever gave him p~ssy, he gon' tell that too, on god
ain't no p~ssy like the one i got (no one could f~ck you better)
yeah, yeah, yeah, boy, i hit it a lot (that ass pull up whenever)
y'all all the same, so n~gga, leave me alone (uh~uh, uh~uh)
i got a b~tch, but i'ma tell you i don't, tell you i don't

[verse 2]
(you know michael)
yeah, i know mike, he got a lil' d~ck (a little d~ck?)
almost let him f~ck, i couldn't feel his sh~t
had to let him go, n~gga started catchin' feelings quick
the way i had him whipped, i could've opened up a dealership (haha)
let me tell you 'bout this n~gga dayday, he be trickin' and sh~t (word?)
every day, the n~gga copped me somethin' different and sh~t (girl, stop)
come to find out the n~gga got a wife, b~tch asked me if i knew him (what you said?)
i said nope and got right (haha)
made the n~gga swipe me everything from gucci to prada (what else?)
balenciaga (uh~huh), dolce gabbana (what else?)
i ain't feel bad 'til the n~gga had kids
so i curved him, i ain't wanna keep doin' him dread
(you know a n~gga named tj?)
yeah, the one who goin' bald that won't cut it? (uh~huh)
don't give that n~gga nothin' (haha)
n~gga looked dirty, i ain't give him no play
gotta dub him every morning just to start off my day
remind me of this n~gga barry, he be doin' too much
(he do got a few b~tches)
well, a few is enough
and really none of them n~ggas is my type
stu always tryna fly me out, say that n~gga name on the flight (haha)
n~gga think we gon' f~ck 'cause we up in cancún
every time the n~gga try, i say, “bae, it's too soon”
you gotta work for this ass, work for this ass
make them pockets hurt for this ass, hurt for this ass
the moral of the story, don't let these n~ggas gas you
do it to them first, leave them salty like a cashew
it's a lot of baddies to choose from
and how these b~tches move nowadays, i know it's hard for a n~gga to choose one (word)
gotta move milli', don't f~ck up the value (what else?)
'cause that'll be the quickest way a n~gga'll down you (i hear you)
and make sure you get your own money to flex with
so he can never bring that sh~t up with the next b~tch (i felt that)
do these things right, and you'll be runnin' the house
let me call you back, i got this n~gga all in my mouth

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