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Doja Cat - Newcant F With You MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1]
i cannot f-ck with you
you want my juice
you lead me on
now i know

all that you had to do
was be-be honest
you want some' new

[hook x4]
somethin new
you wanted somethin new (you wanted)

[verse 2 x4]
you know you say you would but you won't (oh oh)
acting like you do but you don't (oh oh)
frontin' real good on the low (oh oh)
sayin “mhmm” but you “uh uh uh”

[verse 3]
(haha) look, i wasn't telling you how to act right
'til i felt stabbing all in my back like
sharpen the edges and try to act nice
i just wish i knew where all the facts lied, look
you wasn't who you were to me last night
i can see the clues on, goose on ya, f-ck a black light
gotta put the boot on ya, who on ya, was it mad tight?
was it worth a b-tch in ya ear and all of this gl-ss on the floor?
heard the giggling tippy toe out the back door (godd-mn)
asking you do you know who is that though (nah man)
saw you out with someone eating ramen
thought it was a friend or something, d-mnit was i wrong then
look, don't waste your time don't waste my time though
you gon be stored as ‘d-ck' in my phone
b-tch all you want gon' hit the high notes
look can't walk the walk so sit n lie low

[verse 1]


[hook x4]

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