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Demi Lovato - Eight People MP3 dan Lirik Lagu


Berikut adalah lirik lagu Demi Lovato - Eight People dari Demi Lovato. untuk download lagu ini scroll sampai akhir lirik.

Lirik Lagu

{intro : doja cat}
oh woah
doja cat, demi, mt

{chorus : demi lovato}
i touch it when i'm feeling jealous
they got the queens that rule the world
they are very tightly and little
cashing in some money and trying to rob the bank
there's some eight people that eat some catfish

{bridge : demi lovato}
there's eight people in the restaurant
there's eight people in jared's house
there's eight pеople in the triple cannon gamе
there's eight people playing 1,000 games
there's eight people at the juice salon

{verse 1 : demi lovato}
having my friends going to catch a bus
i gotta go there before it's too late
i have it to get to work today
draw on my door and my car
read my book and you get an a~
classroom and kitchen
the living room is a mess
i am going to bed right now

{pre~chorus : demi lovato}
there's somebody trying to rob a bank
but in 1977, there's the end of it
take me to the palace

{verse 2 : meghan trainor}
where am i
back at the future
hey! i take it myself and he's a very good lover
she does the way i do it again
i raise up on the commercial scene
bend down and i'll lean on the couch
i feel sad when we break up together
adding 67 ~ 20, check the answer, i'm the teacher
will i be forced to be washing dishes

{verse 3 : doja cat}
i see sparkles in the sky
even diamonds don't even fly out of the sky to shine
demi lovato and meghan trainor like the way it sparkles
drink and sip it up, brother
i really need to assist my teacher
that goes how to make me feel like i'm doja cat
i purr in the sky and sp~ce
free to come home and fly
jackson williams soar in the air
i walk right up to your and shine beatiful
yolanda davis tries to save your life from her
she needs feathers and d~cks

{pre~chorus : demi lovato}
crocking in my chips and sauce
feeling that way, william jameson
rated pg, fly outer sp~ce
eight people in the restaurant
grandma has 12 people over for the party
i ordered 99 pizza from the pizza palace
eight people or seven people
hot or cold, a chilly place to go

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