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Coldplay - Birds MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

standing in the corner
studying the lights
dreaming of escape
keep me up at night

someone who put the fares up
got me in a race
so, guess i better stay
come on and say

so the fools go thunder
just the war and rain
don't let the fear stall your life
i want to see you again

i hear you never wanna sleep all night
stop falling in love, stop the ride
come on and age with me
we don't need words, we'll be birds
to make our own key

we got this one, you and me
can't hear nothing, but geography

come on raise it
come on and raise this noise
for a million people, their own voice

come on it's not over
if you need it so loud
come on and offer love
offer me a ground away with me

we don't need words
close your eyes and see
we'll be birds flying free
holding on in a mystery

say we'll go through this together
and you'll fly won't you?
would you take me too?
in this world so cruel
i think you're so cool

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