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Cleo Sol - One MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

i can feel that you're scared
i am scared, so let's be scared so i can fight
who do i fight?
not myself
not today, i won't play that game
not today

(not today)

i think that you own everything, even your home
on your shoes and on your back
even they come, through your [?]
it's not so real (real)
as you think
when you blink, it could be gone
and you're lost deep in your soul
and you're lost deep in your soul
just know that you are on your own
but it's okay cause we are one
one (one)
one (one)
one (one)
one (one)
one (one)
one (one)
one (one)
one (one)
we are one
we are one

we are one

i'm here with you (here)
i'm here with you (you)
hold my hand and let go
like an echo
on and on
[?} see the world today
we're on our way out (our way out)
all the forests are dying, the people are crying now
how, how
how have we, let this be
we freely on our tvs
they feed us fake food, it's so easy
we are [?] because the one

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