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City Girls - Fuck The D To The A MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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[intro: j.t.]
first off, f-ck a hater and her friend too
you b-tches dried up – your n-gg- drunk off this p-ssy juice
i be riding fly, dodging cars with no f-cking roof
not about a check, you can skate[?] like new new
i was in the feds, laid back like it's a castle
if i gotta do a bid, no kids, no h-ssle
my n-gg-s graduated off the block, no t-ssel
i'm a first pick stupid b-tch, this ain't no f-cking raffle

[yung miami]
100 b-ms, 200 haters
weak b-tches looking up, b-tch i'm stacking paper
get fly, post a pic, now that's retaliation
but if a b-tch touch me, it's a different situation
yeah, it's yung miami hoe
b-tches don't like my flow, but i'm pretty though
not just on snapchat – a real pretty hoe
you n-gg-s upload, my n-gg-s really down to go

from the beans to cc put respect on it
that's that miami sh-t, they'll put a tech on it
catch a pbl, sn-tch it off your neck homie
put the guns up, bet you still don't want a wreck homie
pick your face up. do you need a facelift?
i'm a pretty b-tch, still give you this 30 clip
thinking with your d-ck, my n-gg-s thinking with them sticks
riding all day, on the molly yeah they with the sh-ts

[yung miami]
f-ck the d to the a, b-tch i'm from the yay
where n-gg-s leave off to college, come back with a case
no lil tay-k but you know they did the race
got out of that sh-t and did the same motherf-cking thing
got down on that b-tch
you posting bout me, but won't post about your kids
that n-gg- gon f-ck you, hop right in your benz
gon pick up another b-tch f-ck right in your sh-t
little b-tch

tell me what you b-tches mad for?
me and miami one up, you can pick the score
loud mouth, dry pockets, but that p-ssy sore
he wife me
he in and out ya – you a corner store
talking about you beefing with jt, no you not! b-tch you only know me from ig
you's a b-m -ss hoe, with some cheap -ss weave
stealing a b-tch swag, you's a motherf-cking thief
you a joke, a b-tch
you know you motherf-cking poor, but want smoke coming
hoe, you know i got it for the low
i'ma give you hoes a discount!
get they -ss, miami

[yung miami]
i'm the youngest b-tch doing it
check my photos out
b-m b-tches talking sh-t just to get some clout
i'm the sh-t on ig and when i log out
don't to try to keep up and do this sh-t, you'll fall out
mhm, i'm really with the sh-ts
i'm the baddest b-tch hanging with them savages
i'll set a n-gg- up, a real sneaky b-tch
just to get a couple mills and see them diamonds glitz

[outro: j.t.]
i got some n-gg-s in the back, and you know they with it
i got some n-gg-s in the front, and you know they did it
but i'm in court, right hand, like, “no they didn't!”
you try me, b-tch that'll be the wrong decision
he got his hoodie on, so you know this p-ssy dripping
i like wild n-gg-s – mama said the wrong decision
i crack cards, but my n-gg-s get it out the kitchen
i was never that lul baby that was f-cking listening
what's my body count? n-gg- mind your f-cking business
what's my body count? n-gg- what's your bank digits?
what's your bank digits?

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