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Chicago - Lovin Chains MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

moved out west just to get away
miles of sky and empty sp-ce
mirrors my soul
i'm out here on my own

i got a new job and a couple new friends
there's even someone special,
i think i could start again
but every time we touch
it reminds me of us, and…

every time i close my eyes
to go to sleep at night
i wake up and i see your face
even in my dreams
i can't get anyplace
i can't shake off your lovin' chains
your lovin' chains…

so i moved back east just to face my tears
to say what needs sayin' before you disappear
but old friends say you're gone
long since moved on, now…


i think i'm never gonna climb this mountain
of my feelings for you
i'm gonna have to live here in your shadow
until the skies are no longer blue!


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