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Chicago - In The Country MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

oh my reasons
and my ways
keep on changing
from day to day
as i grow
it becomes so clear
why i'm here

it's all here
for you and me
the beauty of life
someday you'll see
then you'll join in
and sing along
and you'll understand why i sing this song
let me tell you now
i do love you
i do love you
i do love you

well i'm talkin' bout life
and livin'
and the beautiful earth
and givin'
talkin 'bout the natural things we've had since birth
that's lovin'
well i'm talkin' 'bout a walk in the country
mother nature's sweet charm
the smell of her perfume
as we walk arm in arm
let me tell you now
i do love you
i do love you
i do love you

well it's a beautiful day
and i'm on my way
oooh, thank you lord, for the country

well my thoughts
are like ripples in a stream
i see myself so free
my eyes and spirit say h-llo
my soul goes dancing by, oh h-llo

the clean fresh air
goes jumping through my head
the sun is smilin' down
if you have ever lived out here
then you know why i say
i do love you
i do love you
i do love you

so come on let's move
out to the country
yeah, let's go live out there
come on people
come on people
yeah, let's be free
we got to be free
in the country
you and me
come on people
come on people
better have a good time
we'll have a good time
we got to be free

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