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Chance The Rapper - And They Say MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

nananananana nananananana
ay, what they say?
ay, what they say?
what they say?
and they say
nanananana a-nanananana (huh)
na nananananananana (igh, igh!)
nanananana a-nanananana (huh)

[verse 1]
i know the words (igh, igh, igh!)
i know the words
haven't you heard?
new alb-m alert
this sh-t loud as the purp
we out in the burbs (huh)
out of the streets, we was out on the curb
from out of the dirt, a mountain emerged
a willow was birthed
it's alright, i wept, i prayed on it, slept on it, wait on it (igh, igh!)
just flame up with tunechi, you know that you gucci
just somethin' to say on it (huh, huh)
smoke like a sailor, curse like a chimney (huh)
my pop's in the mirror, mufasa is in me
i ain't no goofie (i ain't no goofie)
i ain't no goofie
i am the re-up, i am the plug, you can't introduce me (who is you?)
this ain't a movie, i don't need jewelry, i don't need groupies
i need my money, i need my money, i am the movement

and they say nanananana nanananana
nanananananananana nanananana nanananana

[verse 2]
man i ain't no lame (huh)
i know the game
i know my daddy (huh), you can tell when i speak i got his name (huh)
i'm on my business (i'm on my business)
i'm not in the business, i'm not a prisoner
i got my soul (i got my soul)
i flaunt, i wear it, i'm still a christian, i still got hitters (i still got hitters)
reese and justin a phone call away
they say no delay, and ándale! they on the way
catch me in the city on the divvy with the kiddies givin' tours to the tourists
givin' our city to the kids, like givin' flowers to the florist
need a little scratch but the tours itch
proud to go where the pot of gold too rich
grab a couple bucks, take some more with you (huh, huh)
ye ain't know open mics open doors did you? (huh)
i ain't no stain, i am for free
i am a promise, capital “p”

and they say nanananana nanananana
nanananananananana nanananana nanananana

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