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Bazzi - Drip Too Hard MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[chorus: bazzi]
drip too hard, don't stand too close
you gon' f-ck around and drown off this wave
doin' my shows, i've been on the road
don't care where i go, long as i get paid
bad li'l vibe, she been on my mind
soon as i get back, she gettin' slayed, oh yeah
every other night, another movie gettin' made

i been on the feel, do this sh-t for real
happy every meal, she never not feelin'
like a navy seal, going for the k!ll, go for the k!ll
[?] fall with a waterfall
stephen curry with the way i ball
rich and thirsty with the way they call
b-tch, i'm focused, no adderall
every other night, another movie gettin' made
henny and [?] mixin' up a lemonade
she get really rowdy, wanna step up on the stage
ballin' for a livin' like i'm in the nba

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