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Abhi The Nomad - Spacecraft MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[intro (spoken)]
on this side we have some widely contrasting examples taken from recent recordings to give you some idea of the wealth of recorded music

[verse 1: abhi the nomad]
after the questions
pops handed me a little tea, sleep and a blessing, uh
feet keeping me warm
tucked in the sheets with a mattress and bedding, uh
laughed at the answers he gave
like he was a pastor or something
he knew what i seeked
news of the week, i was weak, yeah
but now i'm strong, you should test me
the worlds f-cked up past fixing
the motor is old and the pistons are p-ssed they ain't pressing
and me
i've missed one too many chances to win, i ain't losing the drive
iʼm invested
despite all the answers i lack
there's a purpose, i'm cursed, pursuit 'till i'm breathless
a van and a press kit, manager, bed and a breakfast, a band and a set list

[chorus: harrison sands]
i took a moment to breathe
head first i jumped in the sea
with wet clothes and dry jokes
i spoke on to thee
heavy i sway with the breeze
stumbling over my feet
i took a walk

[verse 2: abhi the nomad]
so in this argument now who's who and the point of it all is for nothing, shhh
please keep quiet i've explained all the quirks, i am true, i am here you can love me
for the meantime the least you could do is know that our problems are nothing
your nation is dangerous, the way that they blame other races for suffering
the earth still breathes on itʼs axis—f-ck man, that has to mean something

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