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Young Thug - Yeah Yeah MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[hook: young thug]
i got a half bird in my m2
ya'll n-gg- flexing, ya'll n-gg- fool
hundred k on her, hundred k on me
got shiny shoes, got shiny jewels
ain't nothing blue, they red clues
they at you, and they next too
they'll press you, they'll press you
they'll c-ck back, they depressed too
they'll press you, they'll press you
they'll c-ck back, they depressed too
they'll press you, they'll press you
they'll c-ck back, they depressed too

[verse 1: young thug]
for a brick, too legit to quit
michael vick, all my dogs yeah they with the sh-t
catch a point, shake him up like a hit stick
your b-tch is… on my dogs like a f-cking tick
(skrrt, skrrt) straight up out that bowl with my f-cking wrist
i ain't going to jail, so i gotta hit
ain't shoot him in his -ss, but i'mma bust his sh-t
i ain't 3hunna, but i'm sosa b-tch
my patna got the plug, he serve him everyday
real ice inside my wrist, you can just skate away
stay hot you think i live outside the equator bae
don't play because them sticks sound like these 808s


[verse 2: og boo dirty]
i'm flamed up, my block hot
hundred bands in a shoebox
still no gang, keep a glock c-cked
spit more fire than a matchbox
full cup of that actavis
yellow diamond like i'm dripping p-ss
call me h-boogie, you know i move bricks
thug right beside me, call him money mitch
i'm a memphis n-gg-, hard on a b-tch
all my life i been breaking tricks
with the mob squad i might spaz out
see too much cash i might crash out
walk in the club, iced out
neck and wrist, lighthouse
ya'll know my life about
rich n-gg-, walking stash house
balling like jerry stackhouse
bad b-tch with me, hit the room and knock her back out
crusing through the city, me and double d
just made a hundred thousand
selling pints of g


[verse 3: heavy]
everything i do, yeah i do it to make a profit
me and money mitch got your b-tch right here menage-ing
me and bo jug just to count them free dollars
[?] going crazy, love to shoot that d-mn chopper
he run the mob, b-tch, bmg we taking off
salute to real n-gg-s who done made theyself a boss
he say that main b-tch i just had her at the loft
boss was on that molly, she was licking like a dog
ay, that there irrelevant
i'mma paper chaser motherf-ck a b-tch
i'm cooling with my youngins on some hood sh-t
i'm so f-ckin' hood, i need a hood b-tch


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