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Young Thug - Rollercoaster MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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(i just don't)
i don't know what to do without you (oh yeah)
hood rats when i'm without you (ohh)
tell me what i'm ‘posed to do without you
i'm smoking cigarettes when i'm without you (ayy)

i'm 'bout to make her ride me like a rollercoaster (ayy)
get on top like a rollercoaster
i make her get on top like a rollercoaster (hey, ayy)

they think it's woman inside of me
'cause the way i wear my ts and my jeans
but i told 'em, told 'em
little do they know, they woman tryna lay down with me
and i said, i said
i just see why you [?] bottom to the top, mmm
i can see the arguments won't stop, i can't tease no b-tch
no, no, no, no, woah (oh yeah)
i just love who you are for sure
but i want plenty more
i love your cameltoe
ain't taking no chance with you
kid lock on the p-ssenger door
kid lock on the p-ssenger door (ayy)
tell me you love me, we so in love
we don't see eye to eye, but we love each other
never made love, but we f-cked in the tub and we rubbed each other (oh so good)
can't be changing up 'bout your partner, but b-tches just…

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