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Young Thug - Omg Whole New Species MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

man this sh-t gets so f-cking big, this sh-t big as a blimp
looking down on these shrimps
you understand what i'm sayin' slimeball?
udigg what i'm sayin' stafa?
a little louder, my n-gga
goose wit another one
slatt! slatt! slatt!

[refrain 1]
i just bought my dawg a bag (yeah)
he got that sh-t straight off and pulled back up with the cash, yeah (skrt, skrt)
i just bought my dawg a bag (racks)
he got that sh-t straight off and pulled back up with the cash, yeah (yeah)
i just bought my dawg a bag (bag)
he got that sh-t straight off and pulled back up with the cash, yeah
he pulled back up with cash, yeah
dropped that sh-t straight off, and then pulled up with the cash, yeah yeah (get it all, get it all, get it all, get it all)

[verse 1]
if i'm down on my last, i know all my n-ggas gon' go
and i had a hoe named leshawn from new orleans, that p-ssy was wet i just float (woo!)
he on the road in a jag with them bands, the cops pulled him over, put that b-tch to the floor
listen, lil set want the new double r, but that money dirty, told him bring me like four, hundred, thousand, bands
n-gga, when you rich, you don't gotta make plans (nah nah)
count it till you can't feel your hands
i want you to stack it till you can't see nothing (slatt! ahh!)
oh my god! (god!)
oh my god! (oh my god)
oh my god! (yeah, n-gga, yeah yeah!)
yeah, oh my god! (woo! thugger!)

[verse 2]
ever since i got my mouth fixed, i've been a whole new species
yeah, i'm only a blood but i got all these b-tches wanna see me and be me
digg that, i said i'm only a blood, but i got my new baby girl that c c c c (chanel vintage! woo!)
i was trying to move myself to hollywood and get up outta these streets, streets, streets, streets (i'm out the streets now)
i got it out the mud (i got it out the mud)
i got it out the mud (i got it out the mud)
every time i count it i l-st (count it i l-st)
i got it all just because (all just because)
my momma told me i need to hurry up and blow (momma told me) so i went and did that for her (know i did that, yeah)
then i made a million then i went and bought an audi and a jag for her (woo, woo, skrt, skrt!)
it didn't come with no sale on it, yeah (it didn't come with no sale)
most of these b-tches gonna bail on ya, yeah (most these b-tches gon' leave)
most your n-ggas gonna steal from ya
and before i go for that, i'll k!ll homie (ba ba ba ba)
white g-star shirt n-gga pale on 'em
baby if your pockets fat i'll put some wheels on it
ysl they better k!ll, better not get k!lled on me
locked up real fool no tony bologna

[refrain 2]
i don't like my job (know that lil child)
i do it for my child (i do it for my child)
i do it for the wild (i do it for the streets)
i do it for loud (i do it in the uh, uh, uh)
i do it for cash (i do it for the cash)
i do it for your -ss (i run up on me a four)
i do it for some cash (i do it for them blues)
i do it on the dash (i do it on the skrrt)

[verse 3]
i do it for your momma them (do it for your momma)
i pay all of your momma bills (all of em bills)
i take all your momma deals (take it all)
i take all of these perky pills (taking a few)
i done took all the perky pills (overdose)
i done popped off the double seal (overdose)
i done looked over lots of deals (i looked it over)
i want chill let me f-cking live (i don't wanna sign)

[refrain 3]
i'm only blood (i'm a big blood)
i'm a big blood (i'm a big blatt blatt)
and i'm a real blood (i'm a big blood)
i wanna see some blood (i wanna see some meat yeah)
i'm riding with my cuz (i'm riding with my cuz though)
but i'm a big blood, yeah (i'm a big blood, yeah)
f-ck lil momma then p-ss it to my dawg yeah
when i get through bring her back, to me

[verse 4]
i don't care if you a prost-tute, that way before you met me
i don't care if you know everybody in a motherf-cking street
rip to bankroll fresh, this sh-t got me losing all my flesh
all these b-tches fake, no lice, yeah yeah
i know they scoping us, yeah yeah
like they suppose to, yeah yeah
free dulu, yeah yeah
free unfunk
i gotta get 'em out
my momma getting old (she old)
and if i get 'em out, she got something else to live for, ahh
she like 55, yeah
she still in her stride, yeah
brim low sunny-side, aye
pretty b-tch i might just wife, yeah (why?)
god d-mn i think i like her, yeah
diamonds black, n-gga knight her, aye
you gon' make me read a bible
n-gga rappin', rappin' bad like a cypher
not jordan, that's my brodie, yeah
on atlanta like you know it

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