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Young Thug - Money Hit Remix MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[intro : young thug]
diamonds real clear
never drink beer
i prefer lean, my dear
eight hoes wit' me like santa claus' deers
i'm gon fly outta here
b-tt like deer

[verse 1: young thug]
i drink [?] voss (woah)
i ain't never drove an impa—nah
pinky ring is a star (uh)
young n-gga buyin' out the bar, yeah (cash out)
the top go away (uh, whew)
get me a bottle
pop it and spray it in his face
why the big bubble every baby, uh
why the big bezel very amaze, yeah
buy the big bezel every baby, uh
why the big bezel very baby, ooh
so many spots, got you dazed (dazed)
so many spots like a maze (maze)
gotta see the plantation, it's amazin' (maze)
i need 500 trustees (woo)
all my diamonds got a cravin', huh
got the b-tch a spot in brookhaven, huh
diamonds so wet like i bathe em, yeah
nuts too big to be scary, yeah
psychic like that's so raven, yeah
shot a f-ck n-gga in his face (doo-doo-doo-doo)
[?], not a raid
all these feds tryna raid, yeah
flipping these b-tches, johnny cage (huh)
b-tches wanna f-ck a b-tch bae (ooh)
b-tches steady with the bang bang (woo)
b-tches wanna f-ck night and day (woo)
this ain't for you no shade (woo)
first i was ugly, now i'm lame
b-tches wanna have a baby (woo)
they say i look good and smell the same (woo)
dawg you better guard your wave, yeah
rap n-ggas watching my page, yeah
yeah, p-ssy smell good like ooh, ooh
bald head p-ssy got a shave
good music playin' through dre's
i'ma take the diamonds and wash my face, yeah
b-tch i'm gettin' fresh in my sleep, yeah
ain't out rockin' no j's, yeah
star on my nike, today
gorilla pants and they bape (woo)
i'm havin' a marvellous day
hop in the ‘rarri, go major
i don't play games, 2k
i can't have one bae
these b-tches they want a be around me
'cause they know i make 'em slay, hey

[verse 2: 21 savage]
21 21
n-gga i drop my top
n-gga i flood my watch
f-ck it ima flood my thots
got a hunnid on me n-gga right now
two guns put a n-gga on the prowl
n-gga put stones on cabbage
and it got too many karats (i dig)
n-gga i ain't never gettin married
n-gga i ain't goin to no jared
n-gga i ain't never been scary
every n-gga around me carryin'
got the glock on me
with the d-ck on it (30)
yo' main b-tch smell like fish don't it (fish)
i just sent the motherf-ckin hit homie
gotta whisper cause he might just snitch on ya
shoot a missle n-gga, we gon' blitz em n-gga
she just sucked me up, and you kissed her n-gga (21)
i can't go nowhere if i ain't got a pistol n-gga
bout my money it's gon be a f-cking issue n-gga
you a cat burglar, i do real murders (yadigg)
i got real shooters, they gon' really murk you
put that d-ck inside her stomach and it hurt her n-gga
i spent 35 racks on her purse n-gga
got a a-r with a 3 round burst n-gga
slaughter gang we done put em in a he-rs- n-gga
p-ssy boy you ain't no gangster cause you curse n-gga
you ain't no k!ller cause you sold a lil work n-gga
i'll put yo favorite rapper on a shirt n-gga
if i could i'd slap yo -ss through this verse n-gga

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