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Young Thug - Little Bitch MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[intro: young thug]
lil b-tch, you riding n-gg-s d-ck like a b-tch
lil b-tch, you riding n-gg-s d-ck like a b-tch

[verse 1: young thug]
yeah, six brand new foriegns on my wrist
i got six forgiatos on my fist
i got fifty-four ho's on my d-ck
i'ma nut all in them ho's, let's have some chicks
n-gg- tried to hit a lick and missed
tried to rob and then i caught him like a fish
i'ma catch his -ss with the whole clip
i'ma beat they -ss up like ron artest
p-ssy n-gg- ran like a miss
i got yo b-tch up on the water tryna kiss (mwah mwah)
hammer gon' sh-t and take a p-ss
we done f-cked her legs and f-cked her face
cash out on a crib, don't want no rent
vvs' hit under g-star v-neck
[?] they lips
i got, i got, i got me a thirty round clip
i got one in the head, thirty round rounds on my hip
aye, okay, lil doves they be coming by the twos
i got a lot of [?] coming by the fews

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