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Young Thug - Latest Gucci On My Kids MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

lyrics formed from multiple snippets

young s~x
just count the racks and tie my toe (count)
one copped the benz, the other one [?] (let's go)
i took a p~ss on your bro
got tina turner on my… i got big guns, with no big ones
my b~tch [?]…
i'm like king tut, go ahead and shoot the streets up (brrt)
cut it up with your old girl, and that b~tch be stretching her knees up (whoo)
i got a bag, i just be sprinkling hoes in the trash
i got a bag, i just been sleeping at the conrad (conrad)
i got a bag, whole lotta mix and a couple sh~gs (i got a bag)
i got a bag, hakuna matata, tarzan (i got a bag)
i'm worth a bag, a big old bag, i'm talking these racks, hold on (brrt)
the other phone ringing, i answer the phone, it was some more racks, hold on (brrt)
riding with the mag, i ride with the [?] and blow out the bag, hold on
run up your sack and go help your mom up out of the shack, hold on
i got a lambo truck, i got it, can't even trust you with [?] (skkr, skkr)
lift it up, [?] up out it
no wallet, i got big racks in my pocket (let's go)
bring out a pack, john gotti
add a little tax, john gotti
give out the packs, john gotti
i get you wacked, i'm john gotti
[?] the time, it's all i can see
b~tch so bad that i called the police
turn to the maximum (maximum)
i f~ck the [?] (ahh)
the police can't catch up to em (no)
i play with it (whoo)
i'm skipping town with your b~tch, n~gga (your b~tch, n~gga)
the latest gucci on my kids, n~gga (kids, n~gga)
giuseppe [?] on my b~tch, n~gga (giuseppe)
i tie my ties, i'm with the sh~ts, n~gga (tell 'em)
she suck my sh~t, before i took off the trench, n~gga
five thousand [?] on these [?] (five thousand [?])
[?] gotta ball up your fist (ball)
got a half a million dollar courtside of the [?]

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