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Young Thug - Im Scared Demo MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[intro: young thug]
oh, really? yeah
oh, really? yeah

[verse 1: young thug]
i'm scared to break the top (why?)
i'm scared to make a mess because i'm watched by the cops (f-ck 'em)
i'm scared to count my blessings 'cause i'm being watched by my opps (foes)
but f-ck it, lethal weapon, let it rip from out the top of the drop to his scalp
now he out like a light (ayy)
every n-gg- with me slime and shiesty
stay on the pj but i don't sight-see (no cap)
somebody tell oprah i want wifey (call me)
lil-lil-lil-lil mama tryna fight me (ayy)
i got slatt engraved, it in my nikes
oh, you caught a body? doesn't excite me (fool)
all my n-gg-s murderers, you tiny

[chorus: young thug]
runnin' from the cops in a godd-mn rolls (ayy)
i just cooked a opp on a godd-mn stove (cook him)
shot up the opp block and i robbed all they stores (yeah)
slime, do you got clocks? n-gg-, twenty times four (let's go)
robbed him for his dank and his car and gas tank (let's go)
i'ma rob that bank, i'ma-i'ma rob that bank (uh, rob that bank)
if i hit new york, i take my shank like a yankee (on god)
they stabbed him and he died 'cause it's pointy and they yank it (woo)

[verse 2: doe boy]
n-gg- flexin' money, if i want it, then i'll take it (okay)
heard you run no faces, you ain't heard? i shoot faces (yeah)
f-ck sh-t better save it, you ain't heard? we don't play it (no cap)
if a n-gg- have some beef with us, he met the pavement (gang gang)
this that ain't no cap at all, i can't hang around no fraud
n-gg-s hating cause i ball (grrra), problem solved
hit yo' b-tch, blow out her walls, i just bust all in her jaws
b-tch, we slimey as they come, my youngin' probably snake his dog
cop that rove' (woo, woo), in that rove' (woo, woo, skrr)
all my n-gg-s sick, they wipe yo' nose
ain't never froze, blow my pole (boom, boom)
heard you gangster, it don't count no more, you told (p-ssy)
no, this raf sh-t can't change, we just runnin' up them bands (let's go)
tryna figure out which opp that's gonna get murdered with my advance (freebandz)
pop the pill, it got me geeked up, n-gg-, catch me when i land (let's go)
please don't play like i won't hop right off the jet, jump in a minivan

[verse 3: young thug]
i'm going big, and it ain't rigged (and it ain't rigged)
yeah, that lil' p-ssy pink, like a pig (just like a pig)
freaky lil' b-tch (freaky), drinking my spit (drink it)
i was ridin' in the rove', the one with no lid, a half a mill' (half a mill')
designer her kicks, she wants to wear prada (designer)
she said she got white paint on her toes (woo)
peepin' they face, n-gg-s been mad since before (since before)
yeah, in a continental with your ho, n-gg- (in a continental)
i just bought a rental, f-ck the incidental
put it in her liver, she just like my pickle
knew since i was little not to talk to pillars (skrr)
made the news one week, it took off like a missile (skrr skrr)
quietly peel your top off, potatoes (skrr skrr)
we got now, we got next, n-gg- (skrr skrr)
can i live in a skyscr-per? (skrr skrr)
i got mills and i'm not gon' cake her (skrr skrr)
i got seals and i'm scared to break 'em

[outro: young thug]
most of these n-gg-s they played out
most of these b-tches is played out
peepin' they faces, they mad 'cause my cake up
living in the matrix
all of my rings, all of my shades, all my baguettes
play for the cases, n-gg-s really be on your head
the racks on your head, they might catch you caking
we traveling daily and i got hoes on replacement
we serving out a bas-m-nt, with camera surveillance
pouring up laker, and rocking the latest

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