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Young Thug - Fake Love MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

bands and cash yeah yeah
dt cash yeah
trouble trouble
wheezy beats

[verse 1: trouble]
you can keep all your fake love
b-tch f-cking up my sheet with all that makeup
i still slide through the project to get my tape off
im on a screw the only time i lay up

[verse 2: young thug]
it's a bigger lead, bigger lead, oh yeah yeah yeah
doin bigger things, bigger things, with all my motherf-ckin' kings
i'm a bigger lead type of n-gg- boy, you gotta stack some more bread
it's a bigger lead, it's a bigger lead, young n-gg- young n-gg-

[verse 3: trouble]
skoob and slime on the new new ghost
i don't give no f-cks bout god i play [?]
[?] sh-t like judo

[verse 4: young thug]
i want some bands, some cash
i want some mags, some bags
doin' my dance, yeah
blow out your brains, yeah
i'm doing my thang, yeah
i'm k!llin' yo mane, yeah
[?] back off in the dirt
i do it again, yeah

[verse 5: trouble]
why i treat these hoes like some straight [?]
i thought my d-ck gon give you sh-t, i caught a fake nut
prolly didn't even hit the b-tch, just got my sock blowed
they talkin' bout trouble “you r-t-rded” you know my top blowed
i got your b-tch in taco-rilla eating tacos

all i can do for now…..

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